Iced Pumpkin Oatmeal Bake

1 pack Better Oats
45g pumpkin purée
200g egg whites
Cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice and stevia to taste

Mix oats, pumpkin & water (fill line on pack) and microwave according to oat directions. Remove from microwave and stir well. Add in egg whites. Return to microwave on 70% power for 3 minutes. Remove from microwave and stir in seasonings, then microwave another 2 minutes on 100% power. This thickens them up and makes them more cake-like.
*(I personally cook in a bowl, until the last 2 min cycle where I smooth them into a small square container then microwave the last 2 min in it)

15g whipped cream cheese
5g Bowmar Nutrition Protein Frosted Cookie

Mix until smooth and refrigerate to thicken up more.

I let the oats cool a few minutes then add icing, Walden farms syrup and cinnamon on top.
Macros 👉🏻 285 cal: 30p/24c/5f