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30 Day Fitness & Nutrition Program

Next Session: January 2022

Whether you’re just looking for a kickstart in your fitness journey, or you have a special event coming up, my signature 30 day program is proven to give you maximum results!

It includes:

  • Custom macro setting for fat loss with calorie cycling option
  • Comprehensive guide with detailed information on macros, calorie cycling , meal prep tips, weighing/measuring food, alcohol tracking, & more!
  • A 4 week workout program for both home & gym with video demos. Includes 5 workouts per week, cardio programming, & abs, designed for weekly progressions and to maximize fat burning. 
  • Track your progress on your workouts via my app! You can record weight, reps, rest time, notes & more!
  • Sample meal plan (full day of eating) for each calorie level
  • NEW! Lifetime access to the program 
  • Eating on-the-go guide with my top fast food orders
  • MyFitnessPal Tracking Guide 
  • Recipes with macro breakdown and food list by macros
  • Access to the FREE emPowered Fitness App for accountability & community
  • Weekly office hours where you have access to me to answer your questions! (2 days for week 1, then 1 day a week for last 3 weeks)
  • Repeat Shred client discount ($25 off -must be consecutive months & discount must be entered at checkout, no refunds will be given)
  • EmPowered Elite Monthly Membership client ($25 off – discount must be entered at checkout, no refunds will be given)
  • GRAND PRIZE winner of $500 for best overall transformation!
*This is not a meal plan & does not include coaching. There are no check-ins. Prior knowledge of macros is helpful but not required. 
*Upon purchase, you will receive an email with the link to access the app and create a login. Upon logging in to the app, you will be prompted with the questionnaire to complete for your custom macros. There will also be a video of the walkthrough of the app. 
Please be patient waiting on your macros. Macros are calculated in the order I receive the questionnaires. 
Access to the app will be available immediately, you will not however gain access to the workouts until the session start date. 
*Due to the digital nature of this program, all sales are final. Please ask all questions prior to purchase. 

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empowered elite monthly membership


A personal trainer in your pocket for only $.65 per day!

  • New workouts each month! 5 day workout plan with weekly progressions (all workouts have video demos and alternate exercises for home). These are the exact same workouts I do!
  • 5 day split for monthly workouts: Legs & Abs, Chest/Shoulders/Triceps, Back & Biceps, Legs & Abs, & Full Body
  • Track your progress on your workouts via my app! You can record weight, reps, rest time, notes & more!
  • Additional training programs added periodically (3 day full body, glute focused, etc) so there is something for everyone!
  • Reverse Dieting Guide! Everything you need to successfully reverse diet & a training program to accompany it. 
  • Macro calculator to set your own macros, and resources to make adjustments & calorie cycle so you eat the right amount & types of foods for your body
  • Recipes, meal prep tips, educational videos and resources!
  • Discount on Shred with Em program (the Shred is only $75 when your a member!)
  • Access to the free emPowered Fitness app where you can connect with over 500 other community members
  • No longer term obligations, can cancel at anytime!
  • $20/month or $200/1 year 

Disclaimer:  Can be canceled at anytime – there is no contract and it is a monthly recurring service – customer is responsible for canceling membership and will not be refunded if forgotten.

Custom Macros


For those who don’t need the accountability of a coach, but would like a macro setting based on your lifestyle and goals, with resources to “be your own coach”, this is for you. 

You will receive:

  • Personalized calorie and macronutrient setting: this includes a steady daily count as well as a calorie cycle option (calorie cycle will be set based on the number of “higher calorie days” you prefer, typically 1 or 2)
  • Complete Nutrition Guide: explanation of macros,  meal prep tips and recipes, tips for beginners, adjusting your macros for continued progress, periodizing nutrition, tracking your progress, linked videos, and more!
  • Macro recipes with macro breakdowns
  • Eating on the go guide
  • MyFitnessPal Tracking Guide with how to set up MFP, tracking tips, creating recipes, and tracking alcohol.
  • After purchase you’ll be emailed a questionnaire to complete and email back (make sure to check your junk mail). You will receive your plan within 48 business hours.

*This is not on going coaching, this is a one time setting. 

*This is not a meal plan 

Customized Reverse Dieting Strategy


Reverse dieting is the process of bringing your calories up to maintenance levels. This is commonly done after a dieting phase. 

With my Customized Reverse Dieting Strategy you will get a personalized guide to transition from cutting to maintenance calories.

It includes:

  • Customized plan tailored to you based on a detailed questionnaire that you will complete. (The questionnaire covers everything from dieting history, food preference, to comfortability of increasing calories.)
  • Initial macro setting
  • New estimated maintenance calorie target
  • Recommendations on calorie increases over the course of 4-8 weeks
  • Complete Reverse with Em Guide with what to expect, how to reverse, and how to know when you’re at maintenance
  • Complete Macro Tracking Guide with weighing and measuring food, MFP tips, recipes and more

This is not coaching. There are no check ins. 

This is not a meal plan.

You will receive your plan within 48 business hours of sending in your questionnaire.

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