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30 Day Fitness & Nutrition Program

Next Session: August 9th

Enrollment: 7/30 – 8/6

All questionnaires must be received by August 7th to receive your macros by the morning of August 9th. 
Please be patient waiting on your macros. Macros are calculated in the order I receive the questionnaires. Typical turnaround time is 1-3 business days.

Whether you’re just looking for a kickstart in your fitness journey, or you have a special event coming up, my signature 30 day program is proven to give you maximum results!

It includes:

  • Custom macro setting for fat loss with calorie cycling option
  • Comprehensive guide with detailed information on macros, calorie cycling , meal prep tips, weighing/measuring food, alcohol tracking, & more!
  • 4 weeks of fat burning workouts for both home & gym with video demos. Includes 5 workouts per week, cardio programming, & abs, designed for weekly progressions and to maximize fat burning. 
  • Track your progress on your workouts via my app! You can record weight, reps, rest time, notes & more!
  • NEW! Sample meal plan (full day of eating) for each calorie level
  • NEW! Option to upgrade to coached version (includes bi-weekly check ins, 1:1 accountability, macro adjustments & cardio recommendations)
  • NEW! Lifetime access to the program 
  • Eating on-the-go guide with my top fast food orders
  • MyFitnessPal Tracking Guide 
  • Recipes with macro breakdown and food list by macros
  • Access to the FREE emPowered Fitness App for accountability & community
  • Weekly office hours where you have access to me to answer your questions! (2 days for week 1, then 1 day a week for last 3 weeks)
  • Repeat Shred client discount ($25 off -must be consecutive months & discount must be entered at checkout, no refunds will be given)
  • EmPowered Elite Monthly Membership client ($25 off – discount must be entered at checkout, no refunds will be given)
  • GRAND PRIZE winner of $500 for best overall transformation!
*This does not include coaching and there are no check-ins unless you upgrade to the coached program. Prior knowledge of macros is helpful but not required.
*Upon purchase, you will receive an email with the link to access the app and create a login. Upon logging in to the app, you will be prompted with the questionnaire to complete for your custom macros. There will also be a video of the walkthrough of the app. 
Please be patient waiting on your macros. Macros are calculated in the order I receive the questionnaires. 
Access to the app will be available immediately, you will not however gain access to the workouts until the session start date. 
*Due to the digital nature of this program, all sales are final. Please ask all questions prior to purchase. 

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empowered elite monthly membership


A personal trainer in your pocket for only $.65 per day!

  • New workouts each month! 5 day workout plan with weekly progressions (all workouts have video demos and alternate exercises for home). These are the exact same workouts I do!
  • 5 day split for monthly workouts: Legs & Abs, Chest/Shoulders/Triceps, Back & Biceps, Legs & Abs, & Full Body
  • Track your progress on your workouts via my app! You can record weight, reps, rest time, notes & more!
  • Additional training programs added periodically (3 day full body, glute focused, etc) so there is something for everyone!
  • Reverse Dieting Guide! Everything you need to successfully reverse diet & a training program to accompany it. 
  • Macro calculator to set your own macros, and resources to make adjustments & calorie cycle so you eat the right amount & types of foods for your body
  • Recipes, meal prep tips, educational videos and resources!
  • Discount on Shred with Em program (the Shred is only $75 when your a member!)
  • Access to the free emPowered Fitness app where you can connect with over 500 other community members
  • No longer term obligations, can cancel at anytime!
  • $20/month or $200/1 year 

Disclaimer:  Can be canceled at anytime – there is no contract and it is a monthly recurring service – customer is responsible for canceling membership and will not be refunded if forgotten.

Custom Macros


For those who don’t need the accountability of a coach, but would like a macro setting based on your lifestyle and goals, with resources to “be your own coach”, this is for you. 

You will receive:

  • Personalized calorie and macronutrient setting: this includes a steady daily count as well as a calorie cycle option (calorie cycle will be set based on the number of “higher calorie days” you prefer, typically 1 or 2)
  • Complete Nutrition Guide: explanation of macros,  meal prep tips and recipes, tips for beginners, adjusting your macros for continued progress, periodizing nutrition, tracking your progress, linked videos, and more!
  • Macro recipes with macro breakdowns
  • Eating on the go guide
  • MyFitnessPal Tracking Guide with how to set up MFP, tracking tips, creating recipes, and tracking alcohol.
  • After purchase you’ll be emailed a questionnaire to complete and email back (make sure to check your junk mail). You will receive your plan within 48 business hours.

*This is not on going coaching, this is a one time setting. 

*This is not a meal plan 

1:1 coaching

1:1 coaching is customized to your needs, experience, and nutritional preferences. No cookie cutter meal plans or crash diets. We are about creating a healthy, fun, and sustainable lifestyle. Our coaching philosophy is one that utilizes flexible dieting (counting macros), so that you create sustainable changes to your diet in order to lose the weight and keep it off. 

What you get:

  • One-on-one coaching with a workout and/or nutrition plan customized to you
  • Weekly check-ins via email to assess progress, gauge success, and ensure your plan is working for you and your lifestyle
  • Adjustments to your macros when necessary
  • Food log audits to educate you on food choices
  • Personalized metric tracker where we track macros, steps, sleep & more
  • Access to the Macros With Em App where you can view your workouts (videos & instructions), nutrition plans, track measurements, upload progress pictures and easily access me, all from your phone. (available with full coaching program only)
  • Nutrition Guide: explanation of macros, how to set up my fitness pal, meal prep tips & recipes, tips for beginners, tracking alcohol & more. 
  • Macro recipes ebook
  • MFP Tracking Guide
  • Access to your coach for additional questions and support
  • * 3 month commitment is required  

“Feeling completely different about food and fitness. Feeling healthy, feeling worthy, feeling strong.”


Customized Reverse Dieting Strategy


Reverse dieting is the process of bringing your calories up to maintenance levels. This is commonly done after a dieting phase. 

With my Customized Reverse Dieting Strategy you will get a personalized guide to transition from cutting to maintenance calories.

It includes:

  • Customized plan tailored to you based on a detailed questionnaire that you will complete. (The questionnaire covers everything from dieting history, food preference, to comfortability of increasing calories.)
  • Initial macro setting
  • New estimated maintenance calorie target
  • Recommendations on calorie increases over the course of 4-8 weeks
  • Complete Reverse with Em Guide with what to expect, how to reverse, and how to know when you’re at maintenance
  • Complete Macro Tracking Guide with weighing and measuring food, MFP tips, recipes and more

This is not coaching. There are no check ins. 

This is not a meal plan.

You will receive your plan within 48 business hours of sending in your questionnaire.

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