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I’m Em.

Hey there! I’m Emma, and my mission is to help people lose weight without sacrificing their favorite foods or social life! I have helped thousands of men & women transform their bodies, all while teaching them about moderation, not deprivation.


With Em

4 Week Fitness & Nutrition Program

What’s Included

Personalized macronutrient recommendation for fat loss with calorie cycling option

  • A 4 week workout program that can be completed at the gym or at home, includes body weight & band option.
  • 5 workouts per week, cardio programming, & ab workouts, designed for weekly progressions and to maximize fat burning. 2 Upper body/2 Lower Body/1 Full Body
  • Track your progressive overload on your workouts via my app where you can log weight, reps, and more!
  • Shred guide with detailed information on macros, calorie cycling , meal prep tips, food list by macros, weighing/measuring food, alcohol tracking, Fast Food go-tos & more!
  • Tons of recipes with macro breakdowns grouped by category (breakfast, lunch/dinner, snacks, desserts)
  • Exclusive recipes
  • Sample meal plans by calorie ranges
  • Access to the FREE emPowered Fitness app where the program is ran
  • Grand Prize winner of $1000 for best transformation

Shred With Em


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Custom Macros