Strength in Numbers

$20.00 / month

What you get each month for only $20:

  • New workouts each month! 5 day workout plan (both home & gym) with weekly progressions (all workouts have video demos)
  • NEW! Additional training programs added periodically (3 day full body, 4 day splits, glute focused, etc) so there is something for everyone!
  • Tools to calculate your own macros, make adjustments & calorie cycle so you eat the right amount & types of foods for your body
  • Recipes, meal prep tips
  • More access to me! Live Q&As & trainings
  • VIP discounts on programs
  • Exclusive facebook group where you can connect with me & other women in the community
  • Bonus!! Starting on November 18th, I will be running a FREE reverse dieting course for this group, with an option to purchase a discounted macro count!
  • No longer term obligations, can cancel at anytime!

Disclaimer:  Can be canceled at anytime – there is no contract and it is a monthly recurring service – customer is responsible for canceling membership and will not be refunded if forgotten. Once canceled, the only way to rejoin is during times of open enrollment which only happen a few times a year.

**Must be paid for with credit or debit card, cannot use Paypal for a recurring monthly payment.