The first thing you need is a “skeleton bowl” for the base. Think of “fillers” that you enjoy. Things like rice, riced cauliflower, zoodles, and veggies. For me it’s riced cauliflower, green beans & sweet potatoes.

Next up are your protein choices. The key here is to choose lean meats, then cook them in bulk without sauces, this part is important. I use salt and pepper only. I crockpot my chicken (on high for 3-3.5 hrs) then shred it, and I also cook 96/4 beef, and have Great Value pulled pork on hand.

Last up is your sauces/condiments. Here’s how you can really add flavor to your bowl, and why you don’t add sauce to your meat. Low calorie options are best. I like salsa, sugar free BBQ sauce, and hot sauce.